Social NOT-Working! Twitter is ticking me OFF!

In January, I decided to finish my novel this year. I did all sorts of research on self publishing and learned that it was good to “build your brand” while you’re writing to ensure that there will be a group of people out there that will actually give a carnation about your book. That spawned the birth of this blog, which I consider to be mildly successful (I said “mildly,” not “wildly” because I do not suffer from delusions of grandeur). I told myself that if the blog ever got to something like 1000 hits and 50 followers -in a reasonable amount of time, not 17 months- I would go ahead and dare to create a separate Facebook page and a Twitter account. A few weeks ago I hit those magical goal numbers and had to put up or shut up: my brand apparently needed building.

Unfortunately, the Facebook “Likes” have been slow going (feel free to help with that, click the damn button!), but Twitter was really picking up. I had 50 followers in like a week. And quality followers too, like fellow bloggers, aspiring and accomplished writers, and publishing houses. I did have to block a few of those pesky porn site people with the fake profile pictures they stole from a Vogue magazine, but still I was content. Then my account was suspended a few days after I set up my account for suspected spam activity. Umm, ok. However, I was able to quickly rectify the situation by logging in on the laptop and entering one of those squiggly security words you have to decipher in order to buy concert tickets and then the concert ends up being sold out because you thought it said Phayle when it actually said Phayie, because duh, everyone knows you spell the made-up word of Phayie with an I

Anyway, I digress. So, I was able to get into my account. No problem. Then I was locked out again today. This time, when I logged into my laptop, there was no squiggly word and I was advised to appeal my suspension. WTF?! I emailed Twitter Support and received a reply that I was charged with possible “agressive manual following” which again falls under their No Spamming policy. Umm, at last count I had 70 followers and was following about 65 people. Sooo…I’m basically following the people that follow me or vice versa. I mean, once I received an Email from Writer’s Digest that suggested I follow five of their staff members and another time one of the authors I follow suggested I follow 6 other aspiring authors, but I look at neither of those instances at “aggressive.” So:

Dear Twitter Support,

Have you seen the Kony 2012 video? THAT’S an “aggressive” situation that needs to be stopped. Not my moderately enthusiastic Twitter following.


21 thoughts on “Social NOT-Working! Twitter is ticking me OFF!

  1. Geez, I think I followed more people than that in ONE DAY when I first signed up for Twitter. Not sure what might have gotten you into trouble there. Maybe one of the Porn stars reported you out of spite, they can be vengeful, you know.

  2. I have a Twitter account, but I almost never go on it. (I’d have to learn to use my phone to do such a thing.) But I do use FaceBook and have “liked” your page. 😀

  3. Oh gosh, that’s so frustrating! Did you get the situation worked out? Twitter really is an invaluable marketing tool, especially for personal brands. The person-to-person interaction is fantastic. What’s your Twitter name? I want to be sure to follow you!

  4. Aw, man, that’s messed up! I just signed up for Twitter maybe a month ago…and I have to force myself to tweet. The word count limit drives me nuts.

    At any rate, hope you’re able to square things away with your account soon. Good luck and happy writing!

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