This Week’s Goal: To Not Suck At Life

Ok guys, last week, let’s be honest, I did indeed suck at life. I posted Monday, then Wednesday’s post turned up on Thursday, and Friday’s post went AWOL. Terribleness. This week will be better. Here’s how:

  • For the love of Lucy, I’m gonna post to the blog on Monday (Jerks & Irks!), Wednesday, and Friday
  • I’m gonna quit my Nancy-pantsin’ and do the necessary research to fix my mistakes in the last few chapters I wrote and effectively kill off this damn character
  • I’m gonna add the super-rad, new opening sentence of Chapter 1, that I thought of during said Nancy-pantsin’
  • I’m gonna write and polish a Prologue and rewrite Chapter 1 to bring with me to ASJA 2012
  • I’m gonna strive toward writing Chapter 15

Dammit, I’m gonna rock this week! If not, Nancy-pantsin’ will definitely be in my future. And I’ll have to pay someone to slap me.

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