Rock Out With My Blog Out!

Man, I love that title (^)!!

Not only do I already have my next blog post drafted, but I’m also checking in to report that I finished the rough draft of Chapter 13 yesterday! I plan on going through it today to start revising, proofreading, and adequately “fleshing” it out. I’m pretty excited about the direction that everything’s going in. Its like the novel has a mind of its own. Can you tell I’m a fly-by-seat-of-my-keyboard kind of author? I think it’ll work out though. I wonder if anyone else writes like this? I like my little writing process, but at the same time, I spend a lot of time checking what I’m currently writing against previous chapters to make sure everything matches up. But that’s gotta be common, right? I mean, who the hell knows every single previously written little detail of their work as they get deeper and deeper into their plot? However, I am trying to streamline my craziness, so I’m trying to also separately map out the sequel as I write so I’ll be better prepared. Does that make sense? Nevermind, I’m getting ahead of myself… so here is the opening to Chapter 4 (Next up will be an introduction to the novel’s resident psychologist, Jillian Atford).

“Lyla sat up with a start, her black satin nightgown glued to her frame from sweat. It was 4:30 in the morning and she had had ‘the’ nightmare again. For the past few months, since the ten year anniversary of her mother’s death began to grow nearer, she had been experiencing a terrifyingly realistic dream where she wakes up to find that the floors in her house are covered with fresh blood. As she makes her way through the hallways to investigate, she finds her mother wandering around and bleeding profusely from one of her wrists. The most frightening aspect of the dream lies in its realism: she could hear her mother’s muffled cries; she could see her mother’s lifeless, glazed-over eyes; she could feel the soggy, blood-soaked carpet beneath her feet; she could even smell her mother’s perfume, sourly tainted by the coppery smell of blood. Regrettably, each and every time she experiences the torturous dream, just when she thinks she’ll be able to reach out to her mother, hold her, help her, save her: she wakes up.”


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