It’s my blog, and I’ll cry if I want to!

Wowza! It. has. been. AWHILE! Did everyone miss me? What am I saying, of course you did!

Allow me to explain my prolonged absence: I’m a self-destructing crazy person. The end. No really. Remember my last post when I mentioned I had corrected a few errors my husband had pointed out? Well, after he read those chapters, that was all he had to contribute. Usually there’s a whole lot of “Hurry up!” “I wanna know what happens next!” and “Reading your novel is better than sex!” Just kidding, of course he never said that last one…Anyway, he didn’t do any of that. So instead of acting like a normal person and asking him if he liked the direction the novel was heading in, I proceeded to over-think his lack of commentary (if you could call what I was doing ‘thinking’). I distorted the situation into something like “I suck” and kinda gave up for awhile. Then one day he asked me if I had been doing any writing. NOW I decided to tell him how I had been feeling. His response: “I didn’t want to nag you.” AHHH!!! If only there was some way I could have known this sooner! Like, if I had talked to him and stuff. So, yeah, I’m an idiot. A moron. A cretin. But I’m back beetches!!!

10 thoughts on “It’s my blog, and I’ll cry if I want to!

  1. Good! I don’t really let people read stuff until I am all the way finished. Very rarely, I’ll make an exception for when I really need some directional help, but for the most part I plow through and then fix later.

  2. I was actually about to send you a message asking why you haven’t blogged! You have me waiting in suspense, wondering what snippet I’m gonna get next. And really I just want the book NOW! (If you need another reader I’m here for you). I’m engulfed and can’t wait for the finished product. So… please continue… don’t stop!

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