Attack of the Blurb

I wish I had an attack of the blurb. In fact, I need an attack of the blurb. Then, maybe, I could better write one for my novel. It could attack me, and I could be like, “Ahhh…hey, now that’s a blurb!” And as I run screaming, arms flailing, I could at least be assembling my own novel’s blurb in my head, even if its the last coherent thing I think about.

I’m sorry, am I using the term “blurb” as if its an actual technical term that all are familiar with? My bad. By “blurb,” I am referring to the succinct, enthralling summary that describes my novel and captures all of its awesomeness, enough to make people want to buy it, and hopefully even read it. It’ll even come in handy now, as I’m still writing, because when people ask what the book’s about, I find myself at a loss for words. “Umm, its a crime novel.” “Er, its about a female serial killer.” “Eh, its a psychological thriller.” These are my typical responses..and they suck.

So, yesterday I set out to write a blurb. Its still a rough draft on a piece of paper torn from my small notebook full of scribbles. Its marred by arrows and brackets and illegible characters, but I’ll keep at it and eventually add it to my blog’s title page…and maybe even hire a skywriter so everyone who’s ever asked me what my novel was about can finally have their question answered! ; )

3 thoughts on “Attack of the Blurb

  1. I attended a writing conference last fall and this was one (of many) of the pre-conference assignments. It is actually a far more difficult exercise than it appears, but definitely well worth the effort!

  2. Ha – I’ve done a blurb – I totally understand you 🙂 It’s a funny word, isn’t it, but it sounds just right for what it is 🙂

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