The Hunger Pains

I just started reading ‘The Hunger Games’ Trilogy, by Suzanne Collins. So far, its phenomenal. Can hardly put it down. Which brings me to the pains spoken of in this post’s title. I long for my book to be completed. To be a success. To be turned into a blockbuster movie that comes out in March. Who would play Lyla Kyle? Hmmm, Evangeline Lilly would be nice. Her hair would be perfect. Because she has perfect hair. But I digress….

So, even though ‘The Hunger Games’ is enthralling me to the point of near starvation, I painfully put it down long enough to finish editing Chapter 12 and write this blog. Maybe I’ll hide my Kindle Fire from myself long enough to write the outline for Chapter 13. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself…

Now, where did I leave off? The final moments of Chapter 2, I believe. Well, here is a little gander at Chapter 3:

Enter Officer Jason Brighthouse. He’s boyish and green, new to the force, but eager to solve every case he happens across. He and his partner, Byron Blakely, are called to the scene of a dead body, that of Alex Livanos. The Medical Examiner, LeeAnn DeCicco, is on hand to pronounce, states that there are no outward signs of foul play, but readily admits that a healthy man shouldn’t just fall over and die out of the blue. At most, it should just be a cut and dry suspicious circs case that gets pushed aside, but Brighthouse refuses to view it as such. He even collects a long, dark hair from the victim’s car. Cynical as always, his partner waits in the car.

1 thought on “The Hunger Pains

  1. Good work. My favourite author put out a new book in early January and once I got my hands on it, putting it down wasn’t easy. I started using it as a reward/encouragement for myself. If I hit (or surpassed) my goal for the day, I let myself read so much before I went back to it. Likewise, if I was completely blocked that day, reading something that really blew me away sometimes pushed me through that.

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