This “Sux!”

SUX-inylcholine, that is. My last post (a whole four days ago, what was I thinking? I’m so sorry!) included an excerpt from Chapter 2 where Lyla Kyle kills her date Alex. Her weapon of choice? A cleverly hidden syringe of succinylcholine, a powerful muscle relaxer that is fatal in high doses without a ventilator. Oh, and did I mention that it’s virtually indetectable in the body during an autopsy? Brilliantly naughty! (But please don’t kill anyone and tell the cops you got the idea from my blog. Thanks.) I’ve done quite a bit of research on the chemical, its properties, and effects (Which is where my major in Biology becomes helpful), and I thought it was just perfect.

And you know what’s almost perfect? Chapter 12! I worked on it a whole bunch, got to the “Oh $hit” moment, which I hope will be sufficiently “Oh $hit-invoking” for my readers, but in the meantime, lets take a looksie at the final moments of Chapter 2:

Before Alex expired, Lyla offered an unsettling justification for her actions: He was married. She empathized with his wife and wanted to save her from the revelation of infidelity. Alex, paralyzed and painfully suffocating, couldn’t protest. When he finally died, Lyla shut his eyes with a Kleenex, as to not leave any fingerprints on his eyelids. She wrapped him in a stretch of canvas that she keeps in the storage unit for her paintings and carted him out to her car using a dolly. Before he was fully secured, she used an empty syringe to extract some blood from Alex’s body. There were a few moments of awkward prying from the facility’s security guards, but nothing she couldn’t handle. She drove back to the parking lot where Alex’s car was located, hauled his body to the driver side door, and let him crumple to the ground, dropping his keys next to  his right hand. She lint rolled his body, especially since she had regretted not wearing her hair up, and wiped away at every surface she had touched, including his keys. At three in the morning, there wasn’t a soul around to bear witness to Lyla’s body dump and she promptly drove off.

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