Like Reading a Schizophrenic’s Notes

If you recall, my last post alluded to my sleepy attempt at working on Chapter 12. All I wanted to do was get to the funner part. Yes, I know I can’t expect to be a writer using words like ‘funner,’ but I’m too playful to erase it from my casual vocabulary. Suck it (another playful phrase!). Anyway, after that post I tried to work on some handwritten notes instead of assaulting my novel with my laptop. Well, going over those notes today made for interesting reading. First of all, there was more than one entry with the heading Chapter 12. In fact, there were four spread throughout my little notebook. Each were separated by old notes from previous chapters or random areas of research. For example, besides notes about chapters four and as-yet-unwritten chapter fifteen, were entries regarding my research of VICAP and a very odd bulleted list about curare -a paralyzing poison often used by indigenous people on the ends of their darts that has absolutely NOTHING to do with my book. Alrighty then…

On that note, here’s an excerpt from Chapter 2, where Lyla kills her date Alex:

 “Lyla’s long, slender fingers firmly grasped the eyeglass case…{which} housed several syringes. She quickly grabbed one and gripped it firmly between her index and middle fingers, planting her thumb softly on the plunger. She completed this all without looking, her right hand still concealed within the depths of her purse while Alex waited anxiously behind her…{S}he hit the lights, which flooded the room…Alex’s eyes couldn’t quite handle the adjustment. Lyla moved in. Dropping her purse and lunging toward him in one swift motion she plunged the syringe into the nape of Alex’s neck, just above his hairline. As the succinylcholine burned its way into his body and through his system, Lyla forcefully kicked his legs out from under him and he hit the cold cement floor, landing awkwardly on his back…She watched as the life drained from his body.”

*Disclaimer: Some of the detailed fleshiness has been edited to make for faster blog reading. You’re welcome.

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