Sleepy Writing = Staggered Writing

This morning I was awakened by hammering. Followed by men walking on the roof outside our bedroom window. They were there to clean the gutters. At 9 o’clock in the morning. For those of us without 9-5’s, you can imagine my irritation. For those of you with 9-5’s, you probably hate me for even mentioning my irritation. Regardless, I didn’t enjoy as much sleep as I would have liked, and when I finally sat down to write today, my thoughts were very disjointed. Of course, that could also be due to the fact that I’m anxious to get to the end of Chapter 12, where a very surprising “Oh $hit!” moment occurs. Its so much easier to write the exciting stuff, ya know?  I wish I could skip ahead to writing that part, but that would lead to more staggered writing. So, once I realized I would’t be able to write in a linear fashion today, I decided to write this blog post. (And I apologize if its also all over the place)

But, in the interest of “Oh $hit!” moments, here’s what happens next in Chapter 2:

Lyla Kyle had found her next victim in Alex Livanos, whom she met at Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. She meets up with him at an Old City nightclub where they briefly talk about themselves. Here, we learn that Lyla is a successful artist, but she had previously attended medical school at UPENN. She dropped out after her first year of residency, due to the passing of her mother. Eventually, they head to Lyla’s studio/self-storage unit where she keeps her artwork…and effortlessly kills her date…

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