All Dolled Up With Nothing to Blog…

Today, I spent a good portion of my free time setting up an impromptu photo shoot on my living room floor so I could spice up my blog’s overall appearance. I did my hair, applied some makeup, and even wore my fancy glasses. Gotta look the part of an author, right? Next, I spread some ‘props’ out on the floor. By props, I mean my various notes written on receipts, napkins, and index cards, all of my scribbled in notebooks, my netbook, my Kindle Fire, and enough pens, highlighters, and USB flashdrives to operate a mobile Staples from the trunk of my car. I snapped away until I was pleased with a few shots. That was the easy part…Then I searched, I searched, and I searched for a Theme setting that best suited the pictures I had taken. I went from preview to preview. Finally, I settled on one that I like, I think.

And, since I tinkered and toyed with my blog background all day, I thought I would provide a little background on why I decided to write a novel (because I obviously didn’t get to work on Chapter 12 today). To be brutally honest, I was bored! I was working less than part time, broke, and couldn’t afford cable TV. I read a lot of true crime books -until I ran out of books. So, one day I decided to start writing a novel. I kinda flew by the seat of my pants at first, but then I really got into. I worked on it all the time, hence the notes I have written on receipts and napkins. I had 5 chapters before I knew it and a couple of coworkers at the time read it and couldn’t put it down. That definitely fueled my feverish writing. I quickly wrote five more chapters. My husband, who hates reading, read it and loved it (Yes, I know he’s biased, but he really doesn’t like reading so I have to interpret that to my benefit, right?). And even though that was a few years ago, he was excited that I had returned to it. He even remembered everything that had happened in the ten chapters he had previously read! And that’s what I’m aiming for: a memorable crime novel that no one can dare put down. I’m totally capable of that!

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