Here Goes Nothing (but hopefully something…)

I am Ava Jordanna Easterby. Recently Married. Formerly Ava Young, but I suppose that’s not important here. What’s important is that I am attempting to write a novel. This is a blog, yes I know. However, I thought I would share my journey. The journey of Jordanna East.

A whole lot of name information, right? Well, here’s the deal with that: I’m trying to think big. I want to parlay this novel-writing thing into a career. Maybe. Hopefully. And if I make it big, which is my intention, I don’t want to get mobbed whenever I use my debit card. On the other hand, if I feel like bragging, I can at least point to this blog post as proof that Ava Jordanna Easterby is, in fact, Jordanna East. Plus, Jordanna East is easier on the tongue (many apologies to my new hubby), I get to use my middle name (which I love), and it sounds a bit more like a famous person.

So, I’ve talked to a few friends and co-workers and most of them think its pretty cool that I’m writing a book. Maybe they’re just saying that to be nice, but once I’m finished, I’m quite sure a lot of people will be saying it for real.

That’s all for now. Gotta get back to the dialogue in Chapter Eleven. (Don’t worry, my next post will tell you what the book’s about. Promise!)

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